A curiosity driven bean, fuelled by music. Can't properly whistle. The sea brings me serenity. I like both hiking and road trips. From digital to analogue, I collect moments. Friends call me Dannie.


Daniela Salgueiro (*1993) is a Product Designer, with a background in Graphic Design for about 8 years, based in Europe. With a Communication Design major, she started her career taking advantage of engaging in projects within a wide range of regions. The retail world experience at Daymon gave her a broad understanding of how differently consumer goods are perceived.

Through Design process methodologies, she grew and started defining herself as a designer, while assuming different roles on each project. The team efforts to develop and reach the most fitting solutions for each client’s and consumer’s problems, were a key driver in seeking to learn more every day, anticipating needs and crafting solutions for today’s problems.

This strategic and research based work fuelled her interest in UX & UI Design, leading her to apply her experience and gathered knowledge into Product Design. After taking a course and developing projects with multidisciplinary teams, she hopes to expand her skills and keep on learning, with each failed and succeeded attempt on problem solving.

Client Background: Albert (CZ), Jerónimo Martins (PT), Kero (AO), Landers (PH),
 Makro Brazil, Metro Russia, Oceanário de Lisboa (PT), Profi (RO), Pick n Pay (SA),
 Siwa (FL), Talabat (UAE).