Curiosity driven. Fuelled by music. Can't properly whistle. The sea brings me serenity. I like to collect moments, from digital to analogue.

Daniela Salgueiro (*1993) is a Product and Graphic Designer, based in Europe. With a Communication Design major she started her career in the consumer goods sector where she learned how consumer behaviour vastly differs throughout the world.

Driven for the search of fitting solutions for each problem, thrives on learning more about what connects us all, seeking to expand her knowledge and create unique consumer and user experiences. Working with multidisciplinary teams on strategic and research based projects fuelled her interest in iteration and taught her to see failed and succeeded paths as opportunities for growth and adaptability.

Visual Identity
Creative Strategy
UX/UI Design
Design Thinking
Information Architecture
Product Design
Web Design
Creative Storytelling
Art Direction
Client Background
Albert (CZ), Jerónimo Martins (PT), Kero (AO), Landers (PH), Makro Brazil, Metro Russia, Oceanário de Lisboa (PT), Profi (RO), Pick n Pay (SA), Siwa (FL), Talabat (UAE).

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