01_Selected Projects


Ready to meditate for focus?

An app designed to help procrastinators jumpstart their productivity journey.


Encouraging with empathy

How creating a profile assignation questionnaire helped users get a suitable subscription plan.


Indulging from first tap to first bite

Creating a luxury and minimalist sushi experience for a market niche.


A journey of exploration

How a redesigned experience extended the museum’s values and paths of discovery.


A toast to get-togethers

An app focused on simplifying the management of social gatherings involving meals, bill splitting and scheduling.

02_Dribbble Shots

Bare - Website Proposal
Friends of the Oceanarium - Activity Book
Vasco Collection
The Revolution Summit
A price positive attitude
Sea the Future
Rice for all tastes
Eggstra special
Next Future
A collection of short stories
Anti-Dantas Manifest
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